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“No more let sins and sorrows grow, nor thorns infest the ground. He comes to make His blessings flow far as the curse is found”. The hymn writer, Isaac Watts, in his now famous Christmas hymn, Joy to the World makes two Biblical claims. The first is heralding the Advent of the Lord Jesus Christ. The second, is to state that with His final reign, comes the eradication of humanity’s arch enemy sin and death. The world will be held up for judgment. The books will be opened and the verdict will be declared.

We are living in troubled times. Tragic, flawed, sinful, disgraceful are some adjectives that do not begin to describe the breakneck speed in which our society is becoming unraveled at its core. The prophet Isaiah is particularly apt for our day when he says, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” (5:20). We continue to slaughter our unborn children. We have rewritten the definition of marriage. We have rewritten the most basic concepts of male and female. We have allowed insanity to dominate and control our society. We are punishing, prosecuting and persecuting those who say enough is enough.

We believe that the day is coming and is now here where the true cost of discipleship will be exacted upon the Church as an institution, Christian organizations and individual believers. As one follows news and events on both sides of the border it is clear that an open hostility to all things Christian is being unleashed against us.

Sola Scriptura Ministries International has always stood on the foundation of Scripture and has adhered to the Confessional Statements that arise from the Scriptures. We are unashamedly Reformed in our convictions and will continue to press home the need for all of us to test all things against the pages of Scripture. That includes a no-compromise approach to addressing sin and evil. We will not yield to the spirit of this age to go along in order to get along.

We believe in the sanctity of human life at all ages and at all stages of development.

We believe in the sanctity of marriage of one man and one woman for life.

We believe God does not make mistakes in one’s birth gender. Men are men. Women are Women.

We believe that family is the basic unit of any culture and that “Mothers” and “Fathers” are God given authorities for the family to thrive.

We believe that Scripture determines our allegiances and affects our consciences. Neither Parliament; nor Congress; nor Human Rights Commissions; nor any other edict, law or regulation of man invalidates the commands of God.

Nothing we have stated is controversial, new or novel. Any rational thinking Christian should look at this and note that this is traditional Christian Orthodoxy.  It is rapidly becoming controversial and dangerous to hold to a consistent Christian ethos.

Freedom of religion is being characterized by legislators as nothing more than an institutionalized form of bigotry. Premiere Kathleen Wynne in Ontario is tabling legislation to redefine the family in the name of fairness and equality. Any form of dissent to this cultural rot is met with shrieks of outrage at best legal and financial backlash at worst. We at Sola Scriptura respectfully dissent.


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