Quebec City Mosque Shooting – Senseless Act of Violence

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The news feeds are buzzing this morning with reports of a shooting in a Quebec City Mosque last night. Any act of senseless violence perpetrated against any people group is to be condemned and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. There is no justifiable reason to walk into any house of worship and begin destroying fellow image bearers who are engaged in exercising their freedom to practice their faith.

No doubt, this will be politicized and that would be an additional tragedy.

We pray for the families of the dead and injured and ask the Triune God to extend His beneficent mercy.

We pray for the police investigating the crime to come to a truthful declaration of the facts.

We pray for the prosecuting attorneys that they would mount a vigorous and just trial.

We pray for the jury and judges that they would discriminate between fact and fiction.

We pray for our fellow brothers and sisters in Quebec, CIty that the local churches would extend a loving hand of compassion and present the glory of the Gospel in the process.

We pray for our politicians at all levels that they would act with clarity, foresight in prudence in subsequent actions.

We pray for the public in general to think clearly, examine their own hearts before God and avoid the hystrionics that have become readily apparent of late.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus,


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