Sola Scriptura has a long history of hosting substantive Reformed Conferences. We have added this audio archive of past events as a worldwide public resource in the ongoing task of reminding the Church of the importance of sound Biblical Theology.

These resources are free to listen, download or share with anyone you might think would receive some benefit. Donations of any amount are warmly accepted for the purpose of continuing this rich tradition.

The default amount is $1.00. If you would like to contribute more simply increase the quantity. If your desired donation amount is $10.00 increase the quantity to 10.

We will be adding our back list of conferences as time and resources permit. Please check back often for the latest updates or sign on our email list for update notifications.

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Select an event below to listen to and download audio recordings:

Vancouver 2016 – Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation

Vancouver 2015 – The Doctrines of Grace in John

Toronto Conference 2014 – The Sovereignty of God

Toronto Conference 2013 – Augustine and Luther

Vancouver Conference 2012 – The Dungeon Flamed With Light: The Story of Revival

Sarnia Conference 2009 – The Ascended King

London Conference 2009 – The Last Days

Toronto Conference 2009 – 500th Anniversary of John Calvin

London Conference 2008 – The Doctrine of Justification

Toronto Conference 2008 – The New Atheism

Vancouver 2008 – The Doctrine of Scripture

Toronto Conference 2007 -Christianity – Islam: Two Faiths! Two Worldviews! – One God?

London Conference 2006 – The Doctrine of Scripture

London Conference 2005 – The Future Destiny of Humanity

New Brunswick 2005 – What is True Worship?

Toronto Conference 2006 – Getting the Most out of Your Bible

Toronto Conference 2005 – Defending the Gospel

London Conference 2004 – The Church and Sate in an Age of Terror

New Brunswick 2004 – The Providence of God

Toronto Conference 2004 – Evangelism

Ottawa 2003 – What Must I do to be Saved?