Hell Is Eternal by Ian Hugh Clary

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With all of the chatter about Rob Bell’s potential universalism in the blogosphere one discussion that has emerged is the use of the Greek word aionos in relation to an eternal hell. This reminds me of a discussion I had with a prominent proselytizer in the Toronto Jehovah’s Witness community a couple of years ago. The Watchtower Society is notoriously annihilationist—they deny that humans go to hell for eternity, rather they are just snuffed out—and so this very discussion of aionos came up. The conversation was unfortunately one-sided as the only Greek he knew was the little he’d been armed with to attack unsuspecting evangelicals. Thankfully I had my diglot, so it was easy to demonstrate from the Greek text that hell is indeed eternal.

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We Have Seen All This Before: Rob Bell and the (Re)Emergence of Liberal Theology

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In recent weeks, the high guru of Emergentism, Rob Bell, has caused a fire storm of controversy sparked by first Justin Taylor’s blog about Bell’s upcoming book, Love Wins and then by John Piper’s Tweet, Farewell to  Rob Bell. I have included a link to Dr. Albert Mohler’s website in which Dr. Mohler analyzes and critiques Bell’s book in a detailed and cogent manner. I am also including a link to a YouTube interview between Rob Bell and Martin Bashir of MSNBC. In which the reporter, Bashir, becomes an apologist for orthodox Christianity.

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