Freedom of Religion

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There is no question that freedom of religion, one of the cornerstones of North American civilization, has been under assault both in Canada and the United States. Most recently, an Ontario court ruled that law degrees granted by Trinity Western in British Columbia would not be recognized in the province of Ontario. The reasoning has to do with its confessional adherence to biblical standards on the subject of homosexuality. Carl Trueman points to a recent law in the state of Iowa that would punish churches for teaching or preaching biblical standards that could be seen as oppressive to minorities. Obviously, what the law has in view is any talk or doctrine that would seek to undermine the LGBT agenda.

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Reflections on Race and Transgenderism

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Since the LGBT movement gained traction only a scant few years ago, one of the arguments used to gain mainstream acceptance in our culture was that of racial inequality. There has been a regular drum beat to invoke the civil rights movements of the 1960’s as an equivocation of sexual discrimination on the part of LGBT persons.

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Humanism’s triumph over Ontario Education (1971-2012): Part 2 by David Herbert

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During the 1970s, a values clarification exercise titled, ‘The Fallout Shelter Problem’1, was used within the secondary school systems across North America. It envisioned that, during a nuclear attack, ten people raced to a nearby fallout shelter to be informed that it could only provide enough space, air, food and water for six people. Students, after being placed in small groups, were given the task of deciding which four people would be denied entry into the shelter.

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Christianity Truly Offers Gender Equality by Allen R. Mickle Jr.

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The Scranton Times-Tribune ran an article on October 2, 2010 about a recent lecture celebrating “Feminist First Friday” at the University of Scranton. The emphasis is to provide full equality for men and women. As Christianity is often criticized for not offering full equality for men and women (particularly against women) I thought it helpful to articulate an important thought: Christianity truly offers gender equality.

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