Evangelical Christian detained by Saskatoon Police for handing out tracts

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I just off the phone with a new constituent who called us to order some magazines and resources. During the course of the conversation he relayed part of his personal story of what is happening to Evangelical Christians within our own country.

This brother lives in Saskatoon and asked that his name not be mentioned. He is involved in some street ministry that involves handing out Gospel tracts and answering any questions about the faith. While on third avenue, the police were summoned by one of the local LGBT supporting churches accusing our brother of “harassing” by passers. According to this brother, he was on public not private property and simply offering literature to anyone who would take his material.

He was detained by the police for 48 hours, literature confiscated and no charges ever laid. He also suffers from diabetes and was denied sugar controlling medication while being held.  This has happened twice in the last year. He has filed a complaint with the police. He has contacted attorneys who refuse to hear his concerns.

This is Canada we are speaking of and not some third world dictatorial banana republic nor are we speaking of a Communist nation.

I was honoured and privileged to get to know this brother and will be praying for him and for the rest of us to not shrink from proclaiming the faith once delivered.

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