List of Reformed/Calvinistic Churches Located in Canada


Alpha and Omega Ministries: James White
True Origin Archives – List of 1000 articles defending Creationism
Tony Costa Christian Apologetics
The Apologetic Response
The Truth About Angels & Demons


The Regulative Principle of Worship by G.I.Williamson

Book Reviews

Discerning Reader – This is an excellent website for getting a thumbnail glimpse in the latest and sometimes not so greatest in Christian publishing.
The Shack by William P. Young Reviewed by Tim Challies
The Shack: A Critical Review An interview between Heinz Dschankilic and Jerry Johnson of Nicene Council

Counselling and Family Support

Silent Grief – Stillbirth – Miscarriage – Infant Loss Support
Environmental Concerns

The Cornwall Alliance

Reformed Para-church Ministries

Albert Mohler – Blog – Radio – Program
Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
Grace to You
Ligonier Ministries
Reformed University Fellowship
The Center for Biblical Spirituality-Don Whitney

Reformed Seminaries

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary
Reformed Theological Seminary
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Toronto Baptist Seminary
Westminster Seminary California

Regional Centers for Theological Education

The Fyfe Study Centre, Sarnia, Ontario

Video Resources

Two years ago the Lost Tomb of Jesus aired on the Discovery Channel. The producers posited the ridiculous notion that Jesus did not rise from the dead but instead survived the cross, married and was buried in Jerusalem. Here is a solid refutation of this outrageous attack on the Faith once delivered.  Click here to see the online presentation by The Bible Expedition.

Organizations that we do not recommend or endorse

Humanist Canada

Other Resources

The Manhattan Declaration
Why I Signed the Manhattan Declaration by Albert Mohler Jr.
The Manhattan Declaration: Review of an Interview with J. Ligon Duncan