What is Membership?

Membership is a form of voluntary regular giving that helps us to offset the day-to-day costs of running the ministry. While book and resource sales contribute a significant portion of our operation income, the cost of providing a solidly Reformed teaching ministry that stands firm on the doctrines of grace, is a daunting task in today’s society. As well, much of our income gains from books and videos are frequently offset by the fact that we freely donate materials to other ministries that are cash strapped as well as assisting individuals that need biblical teaching but do not have the personal means to purchase them themselves. Many of our conferences barely break even and some take a fairly substantial toll in our budget. Were it not for concerned people such as you, we not be able to continue operations.

Sola Scriptura Ministries International makes it a point to operate a bookroom as opposed to a bookstore. A bookstore is a for-profit business that carries everything and anything that remotely resembles or carries the name Christian. In some instances, this includes selling books by organizations that are avowedly anti-Christian. We know of one bookstore that routinely stocks books by Norman Vincent Peale and the church of Scientology. Nor do we pander to high margin kitsch items such as Christian Jewelry, Christian clothing, Christian toys or Christian Rock Music. There is a very profitable market for these things. However, as a bookroom, we have taken a strong doctrinal stance. All the material we carry reflects the very best of historical biblical Christianity designed to enlighten, encourage, edify and educate the saints of God. Sadly, the Christian consuming public does not consider this a high priority. Nevertheless, we carry on calling believers back to the pages of Scripture to test all things to see if it were of God.

We do accept regular donations in any amount but Membership itself begins at $25 per month or $300 per year. Many of our supporters donate more than this, but that is a matter for individual prayerful consideration before the Lord. As a way of saying thank you for your help, all members receive a select Tape of the Month 12 times per year, a complimentary subscription to Tabletalk, a minimum discount of 10% off everything in our bookstore, periodic discounts greater than 10% exclusive to members only and a tax receipt at the end of the year.

If you have any further questions concerning Sola Scriptura Ministries International, its beliefs, mission or resources please do not hesitate to contact us.

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