Toronto National Conference 2008

The Faith Once Delivered: A Response to the “New Atheism”

Session 1 – Genesis 2:17:”For When You Eat of this Fruit”: The Problem of Evil – Joe Boot

Session 2 – Psalm 19: “The Heavens Declare Your Glory”: The Existence of God – Tony Costa

Session 3 – Matthew 5:13: “You are the Salt of the Earth”: The Christian Legacy – Dr. Michael Haykin

Session 4 – Matthew 5:14: “You are the Light of the World”: The Place of the Church in Culture – Tony Costa

Session 5 – Hebrews 11:1: “The Evidence of Things Unseen”: Origins and Destiny – Joe Boot

Session 6 – Questions and Answers

Session 7 – Titus 3:8: “Devote Yourselves to Good Works”: Dr. Michael Haykin

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