Canadian Armed Forces

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The goal of the ministry has always been to impact the Church with Reformed Theology. Our usual way, like our friends at Ligonier, has been through the promotion of conferences, blogs, podcasts, book distribution and home school events. In touching others we have been blessed with the privilege of facilitating others to help us reach out.

In the past few years, we have been quietly working with the Canadian Armed Forces. One of our supporting members is a commissioned officer in the Chaplaincy Corps. Over the years he has been posted at a number of Canadian Forces Bases. He and I have enjoyed many a conversation about the challenges and joys of serving Christ as a chaplain in the military. In recent years, he has relayed to me the very real struggle soldiers face coming home having faced live fire combat situations. For these heroes, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an all too real part of their repatriation. Please pray for these loyal Canadians and their families.

While moving from posting to posting, our supporting member has purchased literally dozens of sets of Ligonier tapes, videos and books. At each posting he has shared his faith as well as Reformed Theology with the troops. And at each posting, he intentionally left his library behind in order that these resources might be put to good use by subsequent generations of soldiers. It will be glorious to see in eternity what fruit this faithful witness has produced.

In recent years, Sola Scriptura’s involvement with the military has been upgraded substantially. We have been approached and have delivered dozens of Reformation Study Bibles, hundreds of pocket sized Bibles, dozens of New Testaments, evangelistic tracts, apologetic material, Bible study aids, commentaries and counseling material. This past week alone we shipped nearly 14 cases of material to CFB Gagetown. The good news is that the soldiers are reading this material and are open to hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There have been some great phone conversations with the quartermasters of the Infantry School and the Combat Training Center. As I said earlier, it will be wonderful to see what fruit these efforts have wrought. Please pray that in the days ahead that our Sovereign God will use these efforts to build His Kingdom to the praise and glory of His Risen Son, Jesus Christ.

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