New Release by Claudia Loopstra

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Joshua Press is pleased to announce its latest release, Redemptive Love: Living with an Alcoholic Father. This is a shining testimony a person raised in a home harboring an alcoholic father. Claudia is now a grandmother but powerfully recalls her experiences growing up in a home “unspoken secrets” about substance abuse.

She reflects on her past through the eyes of a small child and does so without anger, malice, acrimony or bitterness maintaining a beautiful innocence. The most powerful recollections are of her family by describing, facial expressions, body language, vocal tones and individual responses as her mother and siblings dealt with her father’s encounters with alcohol. It are these subplots which elevate a mere textual description of past events that draw the reader into Claudia’s world.

Thankfully, Claudia’s solace ultimately comes through reconciliation on two fronts. The first, through reconciliation with her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It is this first solace that provides the strength for the second which is reconciliation with her earthly father.

This is a must-read for anyone who needs to understand the power of forgiveness that only comes through the Blood of Christ.

Her book Redemptive Love can be ordered at our Kitchener warehouse by clicking the link below:

Redemptive Love: Living with an Alcoholic Father by Claudia Loopstra

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